8 de junio de 2013

Germán Quiroga finished third in his No. 77 Toyota Tundra

Texas Motor Speedway's WinStar World Casino 400 turned out to be a showcase for Germán Quiroga's NET10 Wireless Toyota Tundra team with a third-place finish after a 13th-place qualifying effort. All of the Red Horse Racing drivers qualified well with Timothy Peters and his No. 17 Parts Plus Toyota starting 7th and John Wes Townley's No. 7 Zaxby's Toyota qualifying 12th. The track is capable of producing some high speeds with it's long straight-aways and the 24 degree banking which is promised to be a showcase for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

It was at lap 53 when Timothy Peters and teammate John Wes Townley held a workshop on driving to avert a disaster. Another competitor began to spin out and both Peters and Townley made split second decisions. Peters drove by the truck on the top side of the track while Townley went by on the bottom. Moments like this during the course of a race help to point out what an incredible set of skills these drivers possess to instantaneously make these kinds of decisions. Making adjustments to your Toyota Tundras is critical for success; and Red Horse Racing has experience with their veteran crew chiefs and their troops on the ground to carry out the complex choreography necessary in getting their driver back out on the track in a timely manner.

The early laps of the 167-lap WinStar World Casino proved to be promising for Quiroga as he began to move toward the front of the pack. He quickly made his way into the top-10 and after the first caution period his NET10 Wireless Tundra team helped move him into the sixth position. Quiroga would make it up to the third-place but eventually settled back into 5th where he was running comfortably at the bottom of the 1.5-mile track. As the laps began to unwind, the three-time Mexico Series Champion was on the move hoping to capture a podium finish. Quiroga did just that - earning a career high NASCAR finish of third. Quiroga's third-place finish felt like a win, as he continues to improve under crew chief Dan Stillman's watchful eye and the great calls he makes during the course of the race. The third-place finish moved Quiroga up one position in the point standings to 19th.

Germán Quiroga talks about his career high finish at Texas Motor Speedway:

"I want to thank the whole team at Red Horse Racing. My No.77 Net 10 Wireless Toyota Tundra was great. I knew we were fast; we just need to work on pit strategy. Of course, we were very fast on the track and we gained the position that I lost on pit road. I'm very happy and very proud of the whole team and all the guys back at the shop. I'm looking forward to my first win for México"

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