22 de marzo de 2015

Nation Rising Kickstarter press release

NASCAR fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal sports fans in the world. Now, these fans have the ability to experience the racing world like they never have before.

Introducing the "Nation Rising" Campaign: A hybrid digital series that will follow a driver as he competes in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in this 24/7-access, no-filter series.

Our goal is to have a 10 minute episode air the Monday after each race, starting May 10th for a total of 22 episodes. Imagine HBO’s 24/7, combined with the excitement of NASCAR. People across the world will be able to see what it takes to race in one of the biggest leagues in the world.

The folks at Wauters Motorsports are ready to put their brand new trucks on the line for this project.

We have a driver: Three-time NASCAR Mexico champion, Germán Quiroga. Germán is the perfect candidate for this because he is a veteran driver who has had success driving in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

All we need is sponsors.

This has the potential to be the biggest Kickstarter yet. NASCAR has 75 million fans. If the average donation on Kickstarter is $71 then it would take less than 45 thousand fans to launch this series. 

Our goal is raise 3 million dollars. You might be asking, "Why so much?" The number has been carefully calculated in order to have a series and a real shot at succeeding in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.

PLUS, we have some really awesome rewards to give out.

Imagine being able to put a picture of yourself or a picture of a loved one on the actual racing truck for the world to see every weekend at a NASCAR event. This could be the first racing team sponsored by you: the fans.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become part of the race experience. 

Prensa Germán Quiroga

Contenido generado, publicado y difundido por el departamento de prensa del piloto de la NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Germán Quiroga.
Contacto prensa: Martín Caño.
Email: prensa@germanquiroga.com