24 de mayo de 2013

Germán Quiroga a 365

It has been 365 days since I left my country, my home, my family, my friends and many memories of what my life use to be in México. Gone was the success of racing that I had fought so hard for since I was fifteen years old. I competed in national categories and gradually won almost all of them, I was number one. Until, after three consecutive NASCAR México Championships I decided to take my career a step further, and once again I embarked on what would be the struggle to make my dream a reality.

It has not been an easy process, but I have slowly started my new life in North Carolina. I arrived in Charlotte not knowing anyone, not knowing what to expect, and without a job to pay the monthly bills. However, as any business owner can tell you, you have to initially invest before you can see a return. I endured countless days of solitude and wondering if this was all really worth so much effort. Any time this doubtful question entered my mind I always knew the answer; "yes, it is worth it!” Someday I'll look back and I'll realize that everything I have gone through has helped me mature. I have grown to welcome the unexpected and value all that surrounds me such as my family, friends, and my country. While coming to the U.S. has served as a life lesson, that’s not why I came here. I came to the U.S. to be the best as what I do. I intend to reach the highest category of NASCAR and become the first Mexican race car driver to win a NASCAR National Championship.

I have competed in eight races since I have arrived to the U.S. I want to thank my fans, family and friends for all the support. I want to express my gratitude to my sponsor NET10, for believing in me when others wouldn’t. There have been races where the light at the end of the tunnel was no where in sight, and races where we made excellent strides. No matter the outcome of a race my sponsor, nor I, have ever given up. I initially began racing for a different team but today, I find myself part of the Red Horse Racing team. I am thankful to Red Horse Racing for this opportunity and I’m happy to say that I found a team that feels like a family. We are still in need of support to finish out the 2013 season, and will continue to work to make completing this season a possibility. Despite the results of this season we continue to fight for the title of Rookie of the Year, and while this may be a difficult challenge it is not impossible one.

My experience this year has been invaluable, and I will soon produce the results that I knew in México, where fifth place was a just a bad weekend. I know I have the ability and the tools to make winning a reality; at one point during two different races I was competing in third place. While I thought this would be an easier process, I don’t despair. I recognize that I still have much to learn, but I’m in no hurry. I want to do things correctly and only take that next step when I am ready.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me; your daily encouragement allows me to continue fighting for my dream, which I know, is only a matter of time until I obtain.

With much appreciation,
your friend, Germán

Prensa Germán Quiroga

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