18 de mayo de 2013

Germán Quiroga Charlotte Motor Speedway Post Race Report

The No. 77 NET10 Wireless Toyota Tundra team was forced to start in the rear of the field after fixing right rear damage from contact with the wall during Quiroga's qualifying lap. The team rallied to fix the NET 10 Wireless Tundra in time for the green flag. Early on, Quiroga made contact with another competitor sustaining right side damage. Quiroga was forced to pit road where his team rallied once again to put the NET10 Wireless Tundra back on out on track. As Quiroga was making his way back to the pack, he cut down a right front tire and slammed into the wall in turn three ending their night.

Germán Quiroga talks about his night at Charlotte Motor Speedway:

"We had some ups and downs today and unfortunately we ended on a down as we didn't finish the race. We crashed very early. I was passing some of the trucks that were in front of me and I don't think I was clear enough. We repaired the truck after the qualifying mishap and it was very, very good. We were even faster than I thought we would be -- we would have a shot. Unfortunately the race mishap damaged the truck again and my guys tried to fix it again. We reentered the race but must have had a tire rub that cut it and we crashed even harder so we are out of the race"

Prensa Germán Quiroga

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